i can paint i just don't want to anymore

duvetday 2014.
video from clips from 2014.
to be edited, slowed and a circle mask added .


I don’t know if this will work, but it serves as a reminder for myself so that I can access it.
Video of first real performance .

Really want to re do it all.

Different duvet covers.
Poor lighting, need to wait ‘til tomorrow.
Sunrise @ 7.40am so optimal light around 9/10am- which means I can take my sleepers without having to panic about missing anything.

Presentation day today!

Half excited
Half shitting it


handed in my ‘portfolio’ today

textures from filming day in the project room

drawings from current project

cigarette breaks and bad editing

cigarette breaks and bad editing

video 2?

1 of 3, triptych work.

to be projected and completed by the end of this week.

performances to follow.